Who We Are





Who we are

Established in 2007, we are a small group of individuals who share the same vision of helping communities and organizations raise funds, while at the same time using our profits to benefit educational causes.

Our board of directors consists of a diverse mix of people from various backgrounds.

Karel Svoboda

Born in former Czechoslovakia, grew up in Canada and worked in Asia. Karel's task is to oversee the operations of Skool is Kool Inc. It is his passion for helping that lead him to our corporation.

Joe Hingston

Joe provides the solid foundation our organization needs. His quick thinking and clear vision keep Skool is Kool Inc. on track. Born in New Zealand, he has worked extensively in many countries including Japan, Taiwan and China.

Murray C. Walker

Murray is our peoples' man. Orignially from South Africa, currently living in China, Murray really knows how to bridge any divide.

Paula R. Trainor

Paula has worked in education for nearly a decade. Her international experience is a great assest to our organization as she is able to provide differing perspectives based on her first hand experiences.