Who We Are






Skool is Kool Inc. is in the business of helping.  We are not a charity, but are charitable. We are not a non-profit, but generously redistribute our profits.  We are here for our community.

Skool is Kool Inc. identifies innovative and creative opportunities, be it products or services, to help any organization increase its revenue. What profit we make, we reinvest in a Community Educational Fund. The earnings from this fund are given out to various educational causes each year, depending on needs of each community and the vision of Skool is Kool Inc.


Skool is Kool Inc. raises funds by offering products and services as well as by hosting events and competitions and also through strategic partnerships.

Skool is Kool Inc. employs community-based fundrasing approach: majority of funds raised in a specific community will be redistributed back into it, while a small protion will go to a Global Fund.

Our accounting practices are 100% transparent and we are developing a real time money allocation application which will be available on our website for all to see how all funds are distributed within the corporation, the Community Educational Fund and the Global Fund.


We work with public and private organizations to raise awareness of what we do and the benefits we provide. Skool is Kool Inc. is willing to work with any organization wishing to increase its profile through sponsorships of events and investing in new product development.

If you wish to get involved please contact us, we'll be happy to work with you to help you achieve your goals.